Food Travel: Colombia Day 1. The Arepa Nightmare!

Food Travel: Colombia Day 1. The Arepa Nightmare!

December 23, 2022

Going on my second ever international trip as an adult, Cartagena, Colombia! I am obviously going to explore the food, but I have family in the local area in Cartagena. 

First day I arrived in Cartagena there were a lot of mixed emotions and reactions. First moments were in customs… felt like they were not ready for the incoming flight I was on.

Arriving at their international airport itself was different for me because the size was far smaller than any other airport I’ve been to, and no free WiFi which I’m used to in every airport I’ve traveled to. Plus no food vendors/vending machines before jumping into customs, which only had 2 agents handling a full flight of people so my wait time was 2 hours I think to enter the country.

 Then I finally made it through the line, as the final person in line! 

But as I peeked as I walked out of customs and saw a shop… to my surprise I saw USD prices in Colombia! Which obviously was distasteful as I came to Colombia to enjoy products and services at far cheaper prices and felt like I got scammed from seeing the liquor so highly priced. Heck I think some of the stuff here was more expensive than my homebase in Pennsylvania.

Now I arrived at my cousin’s place and I am excited to try out food! 


Here is arepa, but it is the arepa sandwich. I asked for everything they had to put on it… basically their supreme. 


Arepa Sandwich

At first as you can see, it was falling apart. As a sandwich, visibly I was not attracted to eating this. I knobed the first bite and I was confused and unsure as for all the tastes I was consuming. Took a few more bites… and decided this was absolute trash. Not low quality… but literally tasted like the ingredients inside the sandwich were someone else’s leftovers and just thrown in with zero balance, and tasted absolutely disgusting. 

Now I go to bed for the day and get ready for the first full day in Cartagena!

November 30th, 2022


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