MY Story

I always had a love for food since early 2000s. But just lack of overall resources in time, money, and mental blocks made my journey into cooking more difficult… until 2020 when COVID-19 hit. When COVID-19 hit the world it was bad but it had a bright side of things which made me reduce 2 hours a day from traveling into the office for my day job. This was saving me in time but also cost from gas to invest more time to learn to do home cooking. 

Before 2020 I did dabble here and there once every few weekends into cooking but when pandemic started in 2020 this truly allowed me to dive deep into home cooking. Today being 2022 starting this blog officially, I can say I am far more comfortable cooking than I ever been in my life. I also documented most of the journey from the last 12 or so months in 2021. In 2021 I started to live stream cooking and exploring restaurants anywhere I can go on my usual travels. Check my YouTube channel for past content to view my progression. 

That’s my story up to this point. Now we write and document the rest of the journey together as I travel the world tasting many cuisines, and learning to cook them live on my live stream on both YouTube and Twitch. I will post written content too here from recipe reviews, kitchen tool reviews, and restaurant/dish reviews. I hope you like it!